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Deluge Sprinkler System

When it comes to sprinkler systems, there’s a big difference between a wet pipe system and a deluge sprinkler system. They’re not that common in day to day buildings, but they can be a lifesaver when the time comes for it.

What is a Deluge Sprinkler System?

The main difference between a deluge sprinkler system and any other sprinkler system is the sprinklers themselves. The sprinkler heads in wet pipe systems, dry pipe system, and even pre-action systems all remain closed unless they detect heat from a fire. A deluge system, however, has open sprinkler heads at all times. The pipes, instead of being filled with water, or pressurized air, are full of air at the surrounding atmospheric pressure.

Since there is no heat exposure aspect in a deluge sprinkler system, the valve must be physically tripped. The valve release can be electrically, pneumatically, or hydraulically operated. Most commonly, they’re attached to a simple pull fire alarm.

What is a Deluge Sprinkler System used for?

You don’t see deluge sprinkler systems every day. Typically, they’re prized for how quickly they dispense large amounts of water. When you use a deluge system, it’s about more than just putting out a small fire. These systems are used to combat and contain quick spreading fires in dangerous situations.

For example, almost all major aircraft hangers use deluge sprinkler systems to prevent a fire from quickly overtaking any planes, equipment, and fuel. If the delivery system required heat to activate, there would be an increased chance of quick spreading flames.  Power plants, chemical storage facilities, and processing facilities also usually employ deluge sprinkler systems.

BMF Solutions is here to install a deluge sprinkler system in your business today! It doesn’t matter if it’s a new building in the process of construction, or if it’s a remodel of a preexisting structure. With over 50 years of experience in not only the Houston area but Southeast Texas as well, BMF Solutions is well equipped to install your new sprinkler system. Contact us for your quote today!

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