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Pre-action Sprinkler System

When it comes to sprinkler systems, a pre-action sprinkler system will be one of the most complex systems you will find. They can be difficult to install, and difficult to work with, but they offer a huge amount of protection for your business.

What is a Pre-action Sprinkler System?

When it comes to pre-action sprinkler systems, there are two types that are commonly found. You have the single interlock system and a double interlock system. Pre-action sprinkler systems are a hybrid of wet pipe, dry pipe, and deluge systems. While they both accomplish the same goal, they have major differences.

Single interlock systems, for example, are very similar to a dry pipe system, without the threat of accidental activation. The sprinkler heads themselves still require heat exposure to open, but the valve has to be manually tripped as well. This helps prevent accidental sprinkler showers if the air pressure in the pipes decreases accidentally.

A double interlock pre-action sprinkler system, however, is closer to a deluge system. The sprinkler heads in a double interlock system, though, are still affected by heat. Before water is released into the pipes, however, a fire alarm/ smoke detector must be tripped, as well as the sprinkler heads, before the water is introduced into the pipes. This takes the protection from accidental showers up another notch.

What are Pre-action Sprinkler Systems Used for?

When people install a pre-action sprinkler system, it’s usually because they’re housing delicate content. Museums, for example, will often employ a double interlock system. The delicate artifacts can be easily harmed by water if the sprinkler system accidentally triggers without a fire present. Both pre-action systems are also often used in large data centers as well.

BMF Solutions is here to install a pre-action sprinkler system in your business today! It doesn’t matter if it’s a new building under construction, or if it’s a remodel of a preexisting structure. With over 50 years of experience in not only the Houston ea, but Southeast Texas as well, BMF Solutions is well equipped to install your new sprinkler system. Contact us today for a quote!

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