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Dry Pipe Sprinkler System

You may be asking, ‘How can a sprinkler system by ‘dry’? Isn’t a sprinkler system supposed to be full of water?’ In most situations, the answer would be yes. Typically, sprinkler systems require water to function correctly, but what happens if the environment isn’t safe enough for a traditional sprinkler system? You can compromise by installing a dry pipe sprinkler system.

What is a dry pipe sprinkler system?

When a traditional wet pipe sprinkler system is either impractical or ineffective, people often turn to dry pipe sprinkler systems. The sprinkler system in and of itself is very similar to a wet pipe system, but with a few major differences.

Rather than holding water full time, a dry pipe system’s pipes are filled with pressurized air. The water is stored in a separate supply that connects to the pipes, as well as a drain and fire department connections. To reach the sprinkler pipes, the water passes through three valves before it sprays out. In the event of a fire, the rising heat will cause the sprinklers to open. While the air has no effect, the loss of pressurized air is what trips the valves, allowing the water to flow through.

What are dry pipe sprinkler systems used for?

Dry pipe systems are usually installed when the conditions make it impossible for a wet pipe system to be heated. Usually, you’ll find a dry pipe sprinkler system in parking garages, any large refrigerated area, and in outdoor pavilions.

The main concern, of course, is water freezing in the pipes. Usually, dry pipe systems are found in areas either open to the weather, or in freezer situations. In freezer situations, though, they’re often used to avoid bringing in any outside heat sources into the climate.

BMF Solutions is here to install a dry pipe sprinkler system in your business today! It doesn’t matter if it’s a new building under construction, or if it’s a remodel of a preexisting structure. With over 50 years of experience in not only the Houston area, but Southeast Texas as well, BMF Solutions is well equipped to install your new sprinkler system. Don’t wait; contact us today for a quote!

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