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Wet Pipe Sprinkler System

When people hear the words ‘Sprinkler System’, they usually picture water raining down from the ceiling at the slightest chance of a fire. All modern buildings contain a sprinkler system of one kind or another, but we take them for granted, for the most part. The most common system, though, is the wet pipe sprinkler system.

What is a Wet Pipe Sprinkler System?

When it comes to sprinkler systems, the most commonly installed system is the wet pipe system. They’re often considered the easiest to install, reset, and maintain. Most businesses use an automatic wet pipe sprinkler system over any other systems.

The simplistic design of a wet pipe system is by far one of its strongest points. Other sprinkler systems, like dry pipes and deluge systems, require multiples valves, pumps, and drains. Wet pipe sprinkler systems, however, often only require the pipes themselves, usually just a single valve, and the water supply.

During fires, the rising heat will open the sprinklers, the same way the sprinklers open in a dry pipe system. The main difference between the two, of course, is the contents of the pipes. When a wet pipe system is activated water immediately pours out, dousing any flames. There’s no delay while the pipes fill, and the sprinklers open automatically.

What are wet pipe sprinkler systems used for?

When it comes to sprinkler systems, wet pipe systems are the most common. Many businesses and homes prefer to use them because they’re easy to reset, easy to modify and install, and fast acting. While the amount of water released is usually enough to quell smaller fires, it will not leave the lasting water damage that a fire hose would leave.

BMF Solutions is here to install a wet pipe sprinkler system in your home or business today! It doesn’t matter if it’s a new building in the process of construction, or if it’s preexisting structure. With over 50 years of experience in not only the Houston area, but Southeast Texas as well, BMF Solutions is well equipped to install your new sprinkler system. Contact us today for a quote!

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